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Property Number: Selke Selke Lake or River Property Medford, Wisconsin 0 13,000 For Sale
Property Number: RoseE RoseE Lake or River Property Owen, Wisconsin 0 29,900 For Sale
Property Number: Lamal Lamal Lake or River Property Medford, Wisconsin 0 44,900 For Sale
Property Number: WendtD WendtD Lake or River Property Ogema, Wisconsin 0 45,900 For Sale
Property Number: SooLake SooLake Lake or River Property Phillips, Wisconsin 0 65,000 For Sale
Property Number: MillerE MillerE Lake or River Property Rib Lake, Wisconsin 2 68,500 For Sale
Property Number: KlothJ KlothJ Hunting Land Westboro, Wisconsin 0 84,900 For Sale
Property Number: WilleR WilleR Hunting Land Medford, Wisconsin 0 105,490 For Sale
Property Number: LLandH LLandH Hunting Land Medford, Wisconsin 0 123,900 Sold
Property Number: Juneau Juneau Lake or River Property Gilman, Wisconsin 0 199,900 New Listing
Property Number: StoneLake StoneLake Country Home Ogema, Wisconsin 2 239,900 New Listing
Property Number: Klassen Klassen Country Home Prentice, Wisconsin 3 288,900 For Sale
Property Number: RomeoL RomeoL Lake or River Property Medford, Wisconsin 3 339,000 For Sale

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