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Property Number: Athens Athens Country Home Athens, Wisconsin 4 127,900 Sold
Property Number: BhendRd BhendRd Country Home Athens, Wisconsin 2 269,900 For Sale
Property Number: CtyRdM CtyRdM Country Home Athens, Wisconsin 3 60,000 For Sale
Property Number: Riley Riley Country Home Catawba, Wisconsin 4 249,900 Sold
Property Number: TruckerLn TruckerLn Country Home Gilman, Wisconsin 3 95,000 New Listing
Property Number: BrunSq BrunSq Country Home Medford, Wisconsin 3 289,900 For Sale
Property Number: PowellR PowellR Country Home Medford, Wisconsin 3 495,000 New Listing
Property Number: State13S State13S Country Home Medford, Wisconsin 2 129,900 For Sale
Property Number: FossW FossW Lake or River Property Medford, Wisconsin 2 269,400 New Listing
Property Number: CaraNew CaraNew Lake or River Property Medford, Wisconsin 3 389,900 For Sale
Property Number: Chelsea Chelsea City Home Medford, Wisconsin 6 59,900 For Sale
Property Number: BaesE BaesE Cabin Ogema, Wisconsin 2 244,900 Sold
Property Number: StateF StateF Country Home Rib Lake, Wisconsin 3 214,900 For Sale
Property Number: MannW MannW Country Home Rib Lake, Wisconsin 2 455,900 For Sale
Property Number: EDietsche EDietsche Country Home Westboro, Wisconsin 3 139,900 For Sale
Property Number: NHarper NHarper Lake or River Property Westboro, Wisconsin 2 259,900 Sold
Property Number: EversonT EversonT Country Home Westboro, Wisconsin 4 174,900 New Listing

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